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Alaska’s Grant Writing Pool

The grant writing groups listed on this page have had success with securing government grants and working with organizations in Alaska. They have all submitted information we believe is important to consider when selecting a grant writer. This list is provided for your convenience. Inclusion in this list of grant writers should not be considered an endorsement by the ARPA Alaska website. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact Rachel Morse at

More information and resources are coming in cooperation with our ARPA partner, The Foraker Group.

Please reference below the four grant writers: Goods of a Soul, Alaska Project Solutions, Grant Writing Unicorn Collective, and Raynell GrantCatcher.


Goods of a Soul

Funding Results
Government grant funding secured in the past five years for Alaska: $1,926,893
Foundation grant funding secured in the past five years for Alaska: $39,636

Grant Writers on staff and in Alaska
Team assembly varies with 3-6 writers on the team and 1-2 in Alaska;

Fee Structure
Fixed fee dependent on the degree of readiness to pursue funding and how complicated the grant application is to prepare.

Serena Fitka, Executive Director, Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association
Lara Hildreth, Executive Director, Alyeska Ski Club
Jill Chirstopher, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley

For more information on Goods of a Soul – Click Here!


Alaska Project Solutions 

Funding Results
Government grant funding secured in the past five years for Alaska: $35,964,728.
Foundation grant funding secured in the past five years for Alaska: $754,836

Grant Writers on staff and in Alaska
3 grant writers, 1 in Alaska, 1 long-time Alaskan recently relocated to Oregon

Fee Structure
Standard hourly rate, custom quotes provided at no cost

Mr. Martin B. Moore, Sr, City Manager,,City Of Emmonak
Luis Echenique, Grants Coordinator,,Galena Village, DBA Louden Tribal Council
Vide Kroto, Executive Director, Tebughna Foundation

For more information on Alaska Project Solutions, Inc – Click Here!



Grant Writing Unicorn Collective

Funding Results
$4.48 million government grants in Alaska last five years, $45 million in US and Canada.

Grant Writers on staff and in Alaska
300+ grant writers of varying expertise levels and locations, 6 in Alaska

Fee Structure
Fixed fee billed by percentage of work completed monthly.

Nick Farline, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director
Kornelis, Kyle, Public Works Director, City of Soldotna
Richard Farber, Tribal Administrator, Native Village of Eklutna

For more information on the Grant Writing Unicorn Collective – Click Here!

Raynell GrantCatcher, LLC

Funding Results
$10,591,503 in the last five years in Washington; just getting started in Alaska

Grant Writers on staff and in Alaska
2 grant writers, 1 in Alaska

Fee Structure
Hourly rate or monthly flat rate, TBD based on client

Skokomish Indian Tribe (Shelton, Washington)
Mountain View Health Services (Anchorage, AK)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Anchorage, AK)

For more information on Raynell GrantCatcher, LLC – Click Here!


Grant Writing Resources

Free Grant Writing Class: A free course ranked as the #1 free class by The Balance Careers.
Become a Grant Writing Unicorn: How to write a grant that shows many examples from Alaska
Free Audiobook/Podcast on Grant Writing
Instrument – Non-profit resource, but many Federal Grants listed
USDA – Rural Funding Opportunities


Outside Evaluation

For projects requiring a significant evaluation component:  If you are applying for a grant where the agency requires an outside evaluator, the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Resources (ISER, is a potential resource.  Please contact the Director, Ralph Townsend (, 907-786-5420.)